For a person who has never heard of auto leasing, the whole process, not to mention the many auto leasing specials, may seem a little too overwhelming at first. You might catch yourself thinking that the whole deal of auto leasing is too good to be true. You may be speculative, suspicious and even condemn it as a scam. Your first auto leasing agent will most probably be looked upon as a scam artist, trying to rob you in broad daylight. Well, not many car leasing companies take kindly to such negative emotions from their customers. For this reason alone, you would have missed the opportunity to drive away in the car of your dreams.

Well not with us. We, at NJ Car Lease Deals, understand you like no other auto leasing agency ever would. We understand your fear, your uncertainty and suspicions. We know by experience that a first time lease customer is full of questions. In fact, we applaud you and respect you. No one should get into an auto leasing deal without fully understanding how it works. So give us a call on 201-254-0950 and ask as many questions as you wish, until you understand auto leasing. Our understanding and friendly customer service agents are waiting to hear from you.

Will I be able to select any car of my choice?

This is a question that many of our first time customers ask us. If you have ever worked with other auto leasing agencies, you would have noticed that most of them promote a certain brand or only stock vehicles from a limited number of brands. Well not with us. We work with a large dealer network, spanning across the country and hence can give you unlimited choice. We have a large online inventory, which you can check out without budging an inch from your computer. So there is only a very slim chance that you will not be able to find what you are looking for with us. In the off chance that you don’t find what you are looking for with us, do not worry. Give us a call on 201-254-0950 anyway. We will work with our dealers and find you exactly what you are looking for. Because for us, at NJ Car Lease Deals, nothing is more important than pleasing our customers.

Will I find a deal that suits me?

NJ Car Lease Deals has been in the auto leasing business for a long time and know every nook and corner of it. We know that every customer is different and no two customers are the same. This is the difference between us and other car leasing companies. We don’t believe in trying to straight jacket each and every customer into a car leasing special. While we do have a few general auto lease specials to which most customer fit in with ease, we understand that some of you may have different financial situations or car preferences. So we give you what no other auto leasing agency does. We give you the option of customizing your own auto lease special. That right! You get to choose the terms of your car leasing deal. So why not give us a call on 201-254-0950 and we will tell you all about it.