In the recent past, the auto lease industry in the state of New Jersey has expanded massively. In every major town, you would see a car leasing agency, trying to lure you by offering the sun and the moon and everything in between. If you are a first timer in the auto lease market, yes, you would jump at these various auto lease specials. If you an older player in the market, you would have a somewhat jaded opinion on all these auto leasing deals. Why? Because you would have come across many others, just like that, and would have realized that they are nothing but the same old deals, covered under the gloss of pretty words. Well, this is certainly justifiable. So when you come to us, at NJ Car Lease Deals, too, you would initially come with some cynicism. Well, we promise to be the company that changes your mind about car leasing in New Jersey. Give us a call on 201-254-0950 and you will know exactly how.

Real deals to suit everyone

We, at NJ Car Lease Deals, do not believe in hiding our car leasing deals behind big words and glossy marketing tactics. We believe in giving straight facts and sound auto leasing specials to our customers. Since we are giving you the best plans out there, we hardly need to hide behind marketing gimmicks. So instead of spending time and effort on gloss-overs, we utilize that time to brainstorm and come up with the best possible car leasing deals for you. That’s right! We actually do brainstorm on ways to make your auto lease experience the most pleasant one you have ever had.

At NJ Car Lease Deals we understand that not everyone have the same preferences. So we make it our job to come up with car leasing plans to suit each and every one of our customers. Why? Because we know that without pleasing our customers, we will not get far in this business. So once you go over our general offers, and if they don’t seem to suit you, do not think twice about letting your auto lease consultant know. He will do the needful to take your own requirements into consideration and will customize the auto lease deal to suit you to perfection. After all, a happy customer is our biggest achievement.

No more old cars

Our policy on old cars is something that has been subjected to a lot of talk from our customers. Trust us when we say that we did not take the decision without a rationale. This is another place where we placed you, our customers, before our profit. An old car, while looking elegant and vintage, would require a lot of repairs and maintenance than a new one. It would also be subject to wear and tear more than a new car. Since your lease payment depends on the wear and tear of the car, you would end up paying a bigger lease payment. In addition, you would also have to dish out quite a sum for repairs. Hence the ‘No Old Cars’ policy came into existence. But our inventory is massive. So take your time to go through it and give us a call on 201-254-0950 to have an auto lease experience like never before!